We Can Fly

The exhibition entitled ‘We Can Fly’ was the result of The Older Women’s Scholarship, which was awarded to Libby by the Illawarra International Women’s Day Committee in 2017. The exhibition was an exploration of the idea of women achieving potential—what helps women achieve and what prevents them.

I see a lack of selfless love as the root problem in the modern world, and at the heart of the masculine/feminine divide. The recent additions to the long running conversation of the treatment of women are very distressing but necessary, waking many women and men to the reality of the situation. I find it hard to believe that in this modern day women are still considered to be of less value than men, by many men, throughout the world.

The current climate is distressing also for the many aware men of the world. It’s obvious that women are of equal value. It’s obvious that all genders are of equal value. I wanted to present a very positive exhibition highlighting the resilience and determination of women in working towards achieving their potential.