Solo show: We Can Fly

"We are One" sculpture by Libby Bloxham. A mannequin of a woman is covered in a patchwork of recycled textiles suggesting different cultures and styles. The mannequin lacks arms and legs but has wings also formed from the textiles. The base of the sculpture is a box containing the upper bodies of various small dolls depicting a spectrum of ethnicities.

We Can Fly was an exhibition exploring women and potential. It was the culmination of The Beryl Lewis Scholarship presented to me by the Illawarra International Women’s Day Committee. It took place in 2019 to coincide with International Women’s Day at the Village Gallery, Port Kembla. I am very grateful for this scholarship opportunity.

"Emancipation" object sculpture by Libby Bloxham, made of recycled/discarded materials. A life-sized woman in vintage swimwear is in a diving pose, with insect wings added to her back.

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